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Fela Alfaro

Fela Alfaro
Administrator Awardee

Fela was a longtime El Centro College employee, where she started as a faculty member then followed a career path that ultimately led to her leadership role as Executive Dean from which she retired in 2013.

During Fela's career as Executive Dean of Student Services at El Centro College, she provided continuous support of all programs and initiatives. She oversaw Admissions, Financial Aid, the Testing Center, the Health Center, the Outreach/Transition Center, Rising Star, and she was always available to counsel and provide guidance to her Directors of Staff.

Many were grateful for Fela’s 'open door' policy, as she always encouraged suggestions  and feedback from colleagues in order to better serve the students of El Centro College. Her directors and others with whom she worked, are quick to share that she was genuinely student-centered in her approach to everything

In her role as Executive Dean, she served the Chief Student Services Officers council. She believed in supporting the mission of the college and district by being an advocate for students and her direct reports. Fela maintained professional contacts and had an extensive networking group and many were happy to help her when called upon for assistance.

In retirement, Fela continues to volunteer at both the Dallas Cursillo Center (a non-profit Catholic Organization) and at Saint Bernard Catholic Church.