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10th Annual Student Literary Competition

Enter the League for Innovation writing contest. You could win a cash prize and get your piece published!


  • Open to Eastfield College students enrolled in fall 2019 or spring 2020.

  • Entries must be original, unpublished works written by the contestant. 

  • Contestants can submit multiple entries in multiple categories.


  • Short Fiction: up to 3,500 words per entry 

  • Personal Essay: up to 2,500 words per entry. Note: No research papers or literary analyses 

  • Poetry: up to 67 lines per entry 

  • One-Act Play: up to 3,500 words, including stage directions/production notes, per entry.


First Place: $100, publication and advancement to the district competition

Second Place, Third Place, Honorable Mention: Publication

Entry deadline: 

Friday, March 6

For more info, contact  

Dr. Rufel Ramos
Eastfield LFI Literary Competition Coordinator | 972-860-7361 | 
Room G138


Entry Requirements

  1. Enrollment verification: Screenshot (picture file) of fall 2019 and/or spring 2020 class schedulle.
  2. Entries must be submitted in digital form: word processed file, either .doc or .docx, with cover page.

Cover page for each entry must include these eight parts: 

  1. Author’s full name and student ID 
  2. Full home/mailing address 
  3. Email and phone number
  4. Institution: Eastfield College 
  5. “Title of Entry”
  6. Author’s ID# and EFC-genre: for example, 0123456 EFC-poem, EFC-essay, EFC-play, or EFC-fiction 
  7. Word count (or line count for poems)
  8. Originality and release statement: “I certify that this is my original work and release this entry for publication or excerpt by Eastfield College, the DCCCD and the League for Innovation.” 

After the cover page, include in upper right corner of each entry page this three-part information: 

  • “Title of entry”
  • Author’s student ID# and EFC-genre 
  • Page number 

Important note:

The cover page for each entry must be complete, with all eight items. After the cover page, author’s name must not appear on any page of the entry itself. 

How to submit:

Email enrollment verification, cover page and entries to: Dr. Rufel Ramos at 

Announcement of winners:

March 27
All winners of the competition will be announced. All of the winning entries will be published in the Sigma Kappa Delta-sponsored student literary journal The Eclectic. First place entries will be submitted to the DCCCD competition, hosted by Cedar Valley College. First place DCCCD entries will be submitted to the national competition, hosted this year by Kirkwood Community College, Iowa.