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Current Known Issues

With a website as large as ours, there are bound to be issues that pop up.

As new issues arise, we will work to keep track of them here.

If you discover other specific issues, please use our Website Feedback Form to suggest improvements we can make to the site.

  1. Content from Dallas Colleges Online (online.dcccd.edu) has been migrated into the dcccd.edu website. Some links may break as the content migration is finalized.
  2. Search on the websites are powered by Google and may show different results depending on Google's latest crawl of the website.
  3. With our website redesign, links on the websites have likely changed. Be sure to update your bookmarks and/or favorites.
  4. Are you a current student? Click the "Current Students" button in the website footer to view a page created just for you! Also, we’ve placed commonly used tools at the top of every page — eConnect, eCampus, myPortal, email and the employee directory.