Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Take this information with you to your enrollment meeting.

You can print this web page or download a copy for Word (DOCX - 30.2KB) or Adobe PDF (PDF - 163KB).

Ask your advisor for this information. Print it out and fill it in for future reference if you have questions later.

Advisor’s Name: 


Office Number:


Office Hours: 


Advisor’s Phone: 


Advisor’s Email: 


About me (to help your advisor):

  1. My career goal in life is to become  . What is the best program of study for me to do that?
  2. I prefer classes (mark all that apply)
    • In the early morning (8 - 10 a.m.)
    • In the late evening (10 a.m. - noon)
    • In the early afternoon (noon - 2 p.m.)
    • In the late afternoon (2 - 5 p.m.)
    • Evening classes (5 p.m. and later)
    • Online
  3. I work   hours a week.
    • My work schedule is currently: (list your regular weekly work hours below)
  4. When I finish my associate's degree, my plan is to:
    • Find a full-time job
    • Transfer to a college or university
      • College/University I am considering:  

Questions for your advisor

  1. If I need to change my class schedule, how can I change it? 
  2. When is the drop/add date and how do I do this?
  3. When can I register for classes spring semester?
  4. Is there a Guided Pathway that I can have to help me plan my future courses?
  5. How do I declare or switch my program of study? 
  6. What’s the difference between semester and cumulative GPA? 
  7. When should I buy textbooks? 
  8. What academic resources are there to help me study – such as tutoring? 
  9. If I feel overwhelmed and need to talk to somebody, where should I go? 
  10. When should I schedule another meeting with you? 

Make a note of any other questions you have for your advisor.