Kaplan University Transfer Criteria

Kaplan University is a Two-Star Transfer Partner with Eastfield College. The university meets only two of the important criteria necessary for a successful transfer experience.
  • Kaplan accepts at least 60 credit hours from Eastfield College and requires no additional general education requirements beyond 60 credit hours.

It fails to meet eight important criteria, including:    

  • accepting associate degrees and certificates
  • adherence to the catalog under which students begin their studies
  • accepting online, dual credit and early college high school credits
  • publishing selection criteria from programs with limited enrollment
  • providing equal opportunity for enrollment in limited access programs
  • publishing DCCCD transfer information on its website
  • providing important student statistics that let you know how DCCCD students fare once they enter Kaplan
  • providing a clear review/appeal process if you have problems with the transfer process