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Counseling Center Referrals


Referring a student to the Counseling Services Center for assistance can demonstrate that you have that person’s best interest in mind. If a student has prompted your concern and a referral to counseling seems helpful, here are some tips: 

  • Talk with the student. 
  • Show genuine concern and interest. 
  • Ask questions and listen attentively. 
  • Specifically share your reasons for concern without sounding judgmental or critical. 
  • Suggest the Counseling Center.  

Making referrals 

Here are several suggestions for referring a student to the Counseling Center. 

  1. Share the phone number for the Counseling Center, 972-860-7270.  
  2. Walk the student to the Counseling Center in Building C, Room C140, to help them make an appointment for counseling. 
  3. Contact a counselor in the Counseling Services Office.