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Graduation Information

You should apply for graduation once you have enrolled in the final courses you need for your degree or certificate.

File an application for graduation with the college from which you plan to graduate. Even if you have finished your official degree plan, filling out the application for graduation is the only way to ensure you receive your certificate or diploma.

This form informs the college when you will be completing your degree or certificate, and how you would like your name to appear on your diploma or certificate of completion.

If you have met all TSI requirements, degree/certificate and graduation requirements (including up-to-date copies of transcripts from all colleges attended outside the DCCCD), you will be awarded your degree or certificate of completion at the end of the appropriate term.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the total credit hours within your degree or certificate must be completed at the college awarding the degree or certificate.

For more detailed information about degree and certificate requirements for graduation, see the catalog.

The best time to apply for graduation is during the semester you intend to complete your coursework (or be within 9 credit hours of completion). This means that you have met (or are in the process of meeting) all TSI requirements, degree/certificate, and graduation requirements. Graduation applications should be submitted by the District submission deadline listed below.

Term Application Timeline and Deadline

Fall 2017
September 4th - November 22nd

Spring 2018
January 29th - March 23

Summer 2018
June 11th - July 13th

If you miss the application deadline, you will be asked to apply for graduation the following semester. Note: each college may graduate current and former students who have met all requirements with or without a student’s permission.

Ready to Graduate?

Students who are receiving advising from the following areas: TRIO-SSS, CEVSS, ELLA, T Building (Career and Technical Programs), or K Building (Education)
Please schedule a graduation check appointment directly with your assigned advisor.

All other students please:

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