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Graduation FAQs


What is the difference between graduation and the Commencement Ceremony?

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree. All students wishing to graduate must submit an online graduation application prior to the end of your final semester. By submitting this online graduation application, the college will determine whether or not you have met all of your degree requirements.

Commencement is the ceremony that is held at the end of the spring semester in May. This ceremony celebrates the achievement of the degree, and graduates are recognized by the college, community members, family, and friends.

At which times of year can I participate in the Commencement Ceremony?

There is only one Commencement Ceremony held each year, in May.

Am I considered a graduate if I participate in the Commencement Ceremony?

No. You must complete the coursework and hours necessary to be considered a graduate. Your participation or attendance at the Commencement Ceremony does not mean that you have completed your degree requirements.

What if I miss the graduation application deadline?

If you miss the graduation application deadline, you will not be able to participate in the Commencement Ceremony and will need to apply for graduation the next semester.  Term graduation timelines and deadlines are listed on the graduation information page. 

Can I still participate in the Commencement Ceremony if I know I did not pass one or more classes during the semester of graduation?

Yes. As long as you are nine credit hours or less away from completing your degree/certificate, you may participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony.

How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?

Final processing for graduation takes place within four weeks after the close of each semester. This timeframe may vary due to holidays, college closings, or the short summer semesters. An email will be sent to you when your diploma and/or certificate will be mailed or ready for pick up. Special considerations for the delivery of your diploma or certificate must be emailed to your degree audit representative.

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