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Student-Athlete Profile: Dely Chavez

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News-Register | Alejandra Zavaleta –
Dely Chavez enjoys being on the Lady Blazers soccer team, and plans to major in pre-med biology.


By Kendra Heard

North Lake News-Register Staff Writer

Sophomore Dely Chavez is kicking it on and off the field. No matter the time of the year, Chavez is studying in the classroom or training on the field.

As a leader of the North Lake College soccer team, she is always busy and makes it a priority to motivate her teammates.

In addition to becoming a better soccer player, she wants to also maintain good grades.

"She has knowledge of the game, and is a reserved player," Head Coach Adrian Gonzalez said. "She's very dedicated to her studies and her goals.

Most of the girls look up to her because she has a good mentality, a positive attitude, and has the determination to compete."

Chavez has been playing soccer since she was 9 years old and played for Irving High School. She currently plays defender for NLC, where her job on the field is to keep the other team from scoring.

She also motivates her teammates to get the job done.

Her inspiration comes from world-renowned soccer player Lionel Messi, and her father. Her jersey, No. 4, is also a homage to other famous defenders.

"He's not cocky at all and he's a very humble person," said Chavez about Messi.

She admires his sportsmanship on the field, too.

"The way he is able to take on many players and do fascinating things on the field, but make it look so simple is just amazing."

Despite the time-consuming efforts she puts in studying and practicing, Chavez says she enjoys the time she spends with teammates.

"My favorite memories would have to be random things at practice," Chavez said. "Whenever one of us falls, we converse about it after the game. I think it's cool that everyone gets along so well."

When she's not keeping opponents off the score sheet she enjoys riding bikes, going to amusements parks and being outdoors.

After completing her associate degree this spring, Chavez plans to transfer to UNT and major in pre-med biology.

She wants to keep her options open in case she decides to play soccer at a university.

One of her favorite professors at North Lake is chemistry teacher Christopher McAdams, who she says is passionate about chemistry, making the subject fun.

"I just want to begin my career," said Chavez.

"I want to accomplish what I envision for myself."