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Founders' Foyer Features New Student Art Exhibit

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

veronica cumbie.jpgNorth Lake student Veronica Cumbie with her painting, titled Normalista 43, How Many More









The latest student and faculty art exhibit at the Founders' Foyer in DCCCD's downtown district office proves to be a colorful and eclectic showcase of various media. The current exhibit, free and open to the public, runs now until May 2016.

Picture this:

  1. A four-sided wooden structure featuring panels of acrylic painting created by a team a six students and depicting the different cultural groups of Dallas stands before the receptionist desk. 
  1. A gorgeous ceramic sculpture of a clown whose body is contorted to support a giant leaf is encased in a vitrine atop the front steps of the foyer.
  2. A five-color monotype painting of an elderly man and a young boy holding up their chins with their thumbs and index fingers in simultaneous thought hangs at the other end of the lobby area.

    These are just a few of the exhibit's 18 pieces that were selected from a pool of 80 entries by the DCCCD Foundation arts committee chaired by Lynn McBee, who also serves on the Foundation board. Instructors and administrators from the visual arts programs at the district's seven colleges submit the entries for final selection.  

    Image caption: Cedar Valley College student Terri Wilder with her sculpture, titled Sushi Tray.

    The exhibit launched on Dec. 2, with a special reception and awards presentation for the student and faculty artists from all seven colleges of DCCCD.   

    The 20 artists (listed below with their colleges) whose pieces were selected for the current exhibit include:
  1. Kathryn Beekman, Mountain View
  2. Jessica Brown, North Lake
  3. Meagan Corey, Eastfield
  4. Sarah Cox, Cedar Valley
  5. Veronica Cumbie, North Lake
  6. Rebekah Downing, Cedar Valley
  7. Esther Durrschmidt, Brookhaven  
  8. Sarah Frame, Eastfield
  9. Alli Gilbreath, Eastfield
  10. Jessica Battes-Grabowski, Mountain View (faculty member)
  11. Samantha Mancha, Eastfield
  12. Sonjia Marshall, Cedar Valley
  13. Edith Perez, Eastfield
  14. Michael Shockey, Eastfield
  15. Cheyne Smith, Richland
  16. Karen Stephenson, Eastfield
  17. Katy Vestal, Eastfield
  18. Amy Werntz, El Centro
  19. Terri Wilder, Cedar Valley
  20. Monica Marcellus Winters, North Lake

    The Founders' Foyer and art exhibit are made possible through a generous gift from Margaret McDermott. The DCCCD Foundation administers the Founders' Foyer rotating exhibit and hosts the artists' reception.