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The Truth About Growing Up

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A painter? Doctor? Firefighter? Ballerina? 

As soon as we could talk, our parents, teachers and friends all wanted to know — What were our dreams? What did we want to be doing when we "grew up?" 

Truth is, we never really "grow up" 

As long as we are breathing, we are learning and growing; becoming new each day. Even our dreams morph and change as we grow older! A new class causes us to switch our major … the economy opens our eyes to previously undiscovered needs. Either way, what we "want to be" evolves (just like us). 

And then, when we think we've finally figured it out, bam … a new passion is discovered. When someone who "hates sports" falls in love with kayaking and the "can't-boil-water" guy takes his first cooking class, things get hazy. These are the moments when dreams evolve. 

Just as dreams evolve, so do the dreamers 

DCCCD realizes every student is multi-faceted. One day we may be a hockey-loving, late-night daughter. The next day we are a film-editing, early-rising mother. Triathlon runners become science nerds, and science nerds become triathlon runners. Who you are today does not have to be (and won't be) who you are tomorrow. 

That's why the colleges of DCCCD each offer continuing education programming. 

Keep learning new skills 

Whether you want to develop personally or professionally, continuing education (CE) classes will provide you with flexible, innovative instruction. 

Instructors are working professionals from the community — each chosen for their knowledge, experience and expertise in their fields. Class offerings are diverse and range from floral design and dog obedience training to test prep and retirement planning. No topic is off limits for continuing education! 

Workforce training is also available through continuing education to enhance economic and community development. You could train to be a welder or even a phlebotomist! In some cases this job training is free thanks to grants from the Department of Education, like Learn and Earn Pathways

Ready to grow up

Registering for continuing education classes is so easy you can do it over the phone! Call the Continuing Education department at your college today to sign up for a class. Every college offers different CE classes, so be sure to first visit their website for the most current listings. 

Program locations include: 

Unlike signing up for credit classes, registration for continuing education classes is ongoing, so you can begin whenever it is best for your schedule. 

New classes are added throughout the year, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call and make a special request! Just as your dreams are evolving, so are ours!