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6 Scary Post-Graduation Questions

A look at 6 scary post-graduation questions (and how to tackle them).

Graduating from college is a huge milestone. It is a moment when your years of late-night studying and ramen-gobbling finally pay off. You say goodbye to scantrons, and hello to freedom.

Before you celebrate, however, you must take one final test. It comes from your family and friends and is filled with questions like "what will you do now?

Since teleportation is not yet available, you must tackle these scary questions head-on. 

1. What's your plan after graduation?

Remind yourself, whoever is asking you this question is just trying to be polite. No harm is intended. Breathe in deeply and let them know the truth.

"I plan to enjoy my summer and use this time to investigate possible career opportunities." 

2. Are you thinking about getting another degree?

This question often comes from parents. If you're not planning on going back to school just yet (or ever) acknowledge that getting another degree is a practical option, but emphasize that you want to stand on your own two feet first.

“Right now I’m focused on finding a job, but another degree is an option down the road.”

If you know you are ready for more school and skill building, that's great too! Let your friends and family know you are thankful for their support and look forward to next steps.

"I am thinking about getting another degree. I plan to transfer my associate degree credits towards my bachelor's degree."

3. Have you found a job yet?

The months after you graduate do not need a plan set in stone. You might travel, intern or volunteer before entering the working world. Just be sure to devote a few hours a day to your job hunt.

“My job search is a work-in-progress. But I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

4. Are you ready for the real world?

Truth is, no one is ever 100% ready for life after college. There are new responsibilities to fulfill, many of which are not straightforward. Stay proactive when tackling these real world tasks. Your thinking, feeling and behaving will control how you experience life.

“I’ve developed a good amount of discipline in college,​ and I plan to carry that into the working world.”

5. Are you living at home?

There is a reason millennials are also referred to as “the boomerang kids” — more than half of today’s college graduates move back home after graduation. But, sibling rivalries aside, this can be a good thing. Living at home means saving money, and lots of it.

“I think saving money is a smart choice right now. Once I find a secure job, I can begin searching for a place of my own.”

6. The job market is lousy. Are you worried?

No matter when you graduate, there will always be pessimists telling you that you won't find a job. Don't let that thinking steep into your brain. Stay positive and proactive. Use resources (like your college's Office of Career Services) to seek out job opportunities.

"Not really. As a recent graduate, I'm living in a state with lots of opportunities. Texas is known as a national leader for job growth. In fact, 100% of net job growth in America over the last eight years is attributable to the state of Texas alone."