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Successful Stock the Pantry Campaign Raises Money for Students

This article appeared in the July 2, 2018, issue of the student newsletter.

DCCCD raised more than $40,000 from 729 donors for the Stock the Pantry campaign for the college food pantries across the district. 

The DCCCD Foundation campaign, which ran for a little over a month and ended the first week of June, aimed to stock the mobile food pantries on our campuses throughout the year with the resources they need to make sure their shelves stay full. 

Each college and the district had a $5,000 goal. Brookhaven led the way by raising $6,060. North Lake came in second place with $5,800 raised, while Richland raised the third-most at $5,785. 

District Office raised $5,126. 

Thanks to more than 700 donations from around the district, those mobile pantries will continue to be able to serve you at your college throughout the year. 

The money raised around the district also represents a step in the right direction to end food insecurity, a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. We found it affects more than a quarter of our students in the district. 

DCCCD and campaign partner the North Texas Food Bank used a three-layer approach to tackle food insecurity on our campuses: 

  • Mobile pantry: a mobile pantry will continue to visit our campuses. The pantry provides fresh produce and "Just in Time" options for students.
  • SNAP and Social Service Assistance: An on-site coordinator will assist students applying for SNAP, CHIP, TANF and Medicaid benefits.
  • On-site pantry support: The pantry will provide access to NTFB non-perishable foods.
We thank all our generous donors and look forward to continuing to serve you and fighting food insecurity.