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Male Initiative Program

The Dallas County Community College District Male Initiative helps men of color pursue their personal and academic goals. Explore the Male Initiative programs and resources at your campus, including mentoring and networking opportunities. 

Eastfield College: M.A.L.E.S Mentoring Program

Eastfield College's M.A.L.E.S Mentoring & Retention Program focuses on five pillars Mentoring, Achievement, Leadership, Empowerment, & Service. Through M.A.L.E.S, students are able to join the Men's Empowerment Club, which is a student ran club to allow for the opportunity to become involved with their peers in a variety of campus programming and networking. 

Program benefits of the M.A.L.E.S Program

Academic Support

Leadership Development

21st Century Employability Skills Development

Safe Space for Engagement & Confidentiality


Financial Literacy & Development

Character Building & Development

Personal Development

Brotherly Bonding with like-minded men

Eastfield College's M.A.L.E.S. Contact

Timothy McDuffie, Director of Transfer & Completion

972-860-7623 (Office)


2019 Male Summit