Clubs & Organizations

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Anime Club

Purpose: To discuss and understand Japanese Culture through anime.

Campus Activities Board

Purpose: To promote and plan campus-wide activities and events for students, by students.

Lauren Anderson -

Communication Club

Purpose: To provide an outlet for students to improve their skills in technology and to develop contacts with professionals in the industry through internships, speaking engagement and field trips.

Advisor:  Mary Forrest -

Digital Media Club

Purpose: A community of creative students focusing on the importance of visual communication.

Oslynn Williams -

Harvester Performing Arts Society (Drama)

Purpose: Defending the rights of the performing arts.

Advisor: Dusty Thomas -

Human Services Club

Purpose: To develop and maintain high standards of service by promoting professionalism through networking and providing activities that enhance the educational experience.

Philip Ortiz -, Daniel Ramirez -


Purpose: To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to Government, Law and Business.

Advisor: Kat Reguero -

Intramural Sports & Recreation

Purpose: To create and provide comprehensive and competitive recreational opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

Advisor: JC Carew -

Men Student Brotherhood

Purpose: To aid male students, especially minority males, in the success of their education by increasing retention rates through community service and leadership promotion.

: Patrick Morgan -, JC Carew -

National Society of Leadership and Success

Purpose: Building leaders who will make a better world.

Advisor: Danae Bass -

Phi Theta Kappa

Purpose: Recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.

Sharon Cook -, Richard Post -

Plant-Based Nutrition Club

Purpose: To empower people to enrich their diets with more health-promoting, plant-based foods.

Advisor: Deema Hussein -, Iris Bechtol -


Purpose: To support and build the LGBTQ+ community at Eastfield College. 

Advisor:  Chris Schlarb -, JC Carew -

Rotaract Club

Purpose:  To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.

Kassandra Buck -

Science Club

Purpose: Provide an opportunity for those interested in science to encourage leadership in the field of science and research worldwide.

Advisor: Richard Post -, Carl Knight -, Jeff Hughes -

Self Sufficiency Club

Purpose:  To cook and garden in order to promote self-sufficiency. 

 Michael Iachetta -

Sigma Kappa Delta

Purpose: To recognize and award outstanding achievement in English, Literature, and Language.

Advisor: Nina Lambert -, Rufel Ramos -

Student Government Association (SGA)

Purpose:  Civic responsibility and to promote cooperation between the student body, the faculty, and administration.

Advisor: Katy Launius -

Student Veterans of America

PurposeTo bring awareness and support to veterans and military families.

Advisor: Anastasia Lankford -

Video Game Club

PurposeTo play and understand the video game industry.

Advisor: David Chien -

Women's Empowerment

PurposeProvide resources to women that will help them achieve.

Advisor: Beth Jacintho - Beth