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Clubs & Organizations

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    Lauren Anderson: Club Coordinator
    Phone number: 972-860-7339
    Email: 4clubs@dcccd.edu

  • Club Handbook (pdf file)

  • Accounting Club

    Purpose: To promote financial literacy, build professional networking, and perfect marketable business skills necessary to compete in today's marketplace.

    Advisor: Regina Brown - Regina.Brown@dcccd.edu

    Allied Health Club

    Purpose:  To provide networking among other students who are interested in the medical and allied health fields. 

    Advisors:  Jessica Kerins  jkerins@dcccd.edu, Carl Knight - carlknight@dcccd.edu, Richard Post, Jr. - rpost@dcccd.edu

    Anime Club

    Purpose: To watch and understand Japanese cartoons and animations.

    Advisor: David Chien - dchien@dcccd.edu

    Baptist Student Ministry

    Purpose: To encourage and bring others to come to know Christ.

    Advisor: Micheal Hutchins - JermaineHutchins@dcccd.edu

    Baseball Club

    Purpose: To promote and support the baseball program and its facilities.

    Advisor: Michael Martin - MichaelMartin@dcccd.edu

    Comic Book Club

    Purpose: To recognize and promote the genre of comic book and graphic novels at Eastfield College.

    Nina Lambert -NinaLambert@dcccd.edu, Rufel Ramos - rramos@dcccd.edu

    Communication Club

    Purpose: To help students further develop speech communication skills by participating in professional workshops and events.

    Website: efcomclub.weebly.com

     Mary Forrest - maryforrest@dcccd.edu, Courtney Brazile - courtneybrazil@dcccd.edu

    Computer Club

    Purpose: To provide an outlet for students to improve their skills in technology and to develop contacts with professionals in the industry through internships, speaking engagement and field trips.

    Advisor: Yvonne Robinson - YvonneRobinson@dcccd.edu

    Economics Club

    Purpose: To network with professionals in the field and explore the horizon of what economics really is.

    Robert Felder - bfelder@dcccd.edu


    Purpose: To address the need of volunteerism on campus as well in the community. Bring students together to serve and network.

    Advisor: Larry Jefferson - LarryJefferson@dcccd.edu

    Harvester Choral Society

    Purpose: To provide a club for voice enthusiasts.

    Advisor: Melinda Imthurn - mimthurn@dcccd.edu

    Human Services Honor Club

    Purpose: To provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which guide and enhance the education experience of its members.

    Philip Ortiz - philliportiz@dcccd.edu, Gloria Jackson - gjackson@dcccd.edu


    Purpose: To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to Government, Law and Business.

    Advisor: Katherine Reguero - KatherineCloer@dcccd.edu

    Mariachi Club

    Purpose: Spread the love of Mariachi! History of Mariachi.

    Advisor: Katherine Reguero - KatherineCloer@dcccd.edu

    Math Club

    Purpose: A fun place where students with same math interest can meet and help each other out.

    Advisor: Leticia Escobar - LEscobar@dcccd.edu

    Men’s Empowerment Coalition

    Purpose: To engage and retain male students by involving them academically, socially, culturally, and professionally in their campus and the community.

    : Courtney Brazile - courtneybrazil@dcccd.edu

    National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Eastfield College

    Purpose: To recognize and celebrate high achievement among 1st and 2nd year students in all academic disciplines.

    Advisor: 4clubs@dcccd.edu

    Nu Phi Sigma

    Purpose: To promote unity and community involvement through step.

    Rhonda Jackson-Grandberry - rondagranberry@dcccd.edu

    Outdoor Club

    Purpose: To provide students with an educational and fun experience involving outdoor activities, field trips, volunteer work, and social activism.

    Advisor: Zu Watanabe - ZuWatanabe@dcccd.edu

    Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society (PTK)

    Purpose: To recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service among students.

    Advisors: Michael Noble - michaelnoble@dcccd.edu, Rik Post - rpost@dcccd.edu, Sharon Cook - scook@dcccd.edu

    Ping Pong

    Purpose:  To enjoy the sport/hobby of ping pong.

    Advisor:  Bob Flickner - BobFlickner@dcccd.edu

    Rising Star

    Purpose: Engaging rising stars in campus activities, fostering an environment of education excellence and community service.

    Advisor: Lakisha Wooden - lwooden@dcccd.edu

    Rotaract Club

    Purpose:  To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.

    Kassandra Buck - kbuck@dcccd.edu

    Science Club

    Purpose: Provide an opportunity for those interested in Science to encourage leadership in the field of Science and research worldwide.

    Advisor: Richard Post, Jr. - rpost@dcccd.edu, Carl Knight - carlknight@dcccd.edu,  Jeff Hughes - jeffhughes@dcccd.edu, Joseph Malaer - josephmalaer@dcccd.edu

    Sigma Kappa Delta

    Purpose: To recognize and award outstanding achievement in English, Literature, and Language.

    Advisor: Nina Lambert - NinaLambert@dcccd.edu, Rufel Ramos - rramos@dcccd.edu

    Student Government Association (SGA)

    Purpose:  To represent the student body at Eastfield College.

    Advisor:  Philip Bueno - philipbueno@dcccd.edu, Emilio Lopez -  EmilioLopez@dcccd.edu

    Student Veterans of America

    Purpose:  To provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation

    Advisor: Ron Rollinson, rrollinson@dcccd.edu, Anastasia Lankford - anastasialankford@dcccd.edu

    Videogame Club

    Purpose:  To collaborate and develop friendships between video game players at Eastfield College.

    Advisors:  David Chien dchien@dcccd.edu