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How to form a club

Getting involved in campus life provides you unique opportunities that will help you develop a variety of skills personally, academically, and professionally.  The Clubs and Organizations Coordinator and Club Leaders will help you with the paperwork processes and with interpreting College/District policies.  Club Orientation and Club Leaders Training will prepare you to successfully manage your club roles and responsibilities.

Step One:

Find others that share your ideas, interests, and goals. Student Life can help with recruiting once you have a name for your club.

Step Two:

All clubs are required to submit a

  • Petition for Recognition Form

  • Club Constitution.  Instructions for completing these forms can be found in the New Club Packet. 

  • All clubs must submit their Planning Calendar of activities by the 5th week of classes each semester.

  • Clubs will not be recognized after April 1 of the current academic year.

Step Three:

A Club Advisor must be a full-time employee of Eastfield College (faculty, staff or administrator).  Club Advisors will assist club activities and provide guidance with interpreting and following policies.  It is beneficial to have more than one Club Advisor especially if you are a large and/or active group.  Work with your Club Advisors to determine your purpose, goals, activities, selecting officers, scheduling meetings, etc.

Step Four:

Ask the Club Advisor to sign the Petition for Recognition from and review your Club Constitution for any revisions to be made.  Also, complete the Agency Account Setup Form to set up a Club Account.  This form must be submitted before a Club can participate in fundraising activities.  Submit the Petition for Recognition Form, final draft of your Club Constitution, Agency Account Setup Form, Officer’s Roster, and Membership Roster to the Clubs and Organizations Coordinator.  Then, plan to attend a Club Orientation session.

Step Five:

The Clubs and Organizations Coordinator will notify Officers and Advisors when the petition and other documents have been approved and processed.   After receiving this notification, Officers can request a meeting space from the Coordinator.  All meeting space requests must be submitted after the 12th class day once all classes have been roomed.