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PTK Constitution

Phi Theta Kappa

International Honor Society of the Two-Year College

Psi Eta Chapter


Revised 12/18/2014


The name of Eastfield College’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter shall be Psi Eta.


The purpose of the Psi Eta chapter is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship.


Section 1 The types of membership shall consists of member, provisional member, alumni member, and honorary members as defined in Article IV, Section 1 of the Phi Theta Kappa Bylaws*.

  1. Member. In addition to meeting membership eligibility requirements as stated in Article IV and Chapter 1 of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws,* each candidate for membership must have completed 12 semester hours of associate degree course work, with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and adhere to the school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Grades for courses completed at other institutions will be considered when determining membership eligibility. A cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 must be maintained to remain in good standing. Failure to maintain the required cumulative Grade Point Average will result in the member being removed from good standing as stated in the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws,* Chapter 1, Section 3. Failure to meet good standing requirements as stated in the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws* will cause membership and all membership privileges to be revoked. Members must also achieve a three star membership in the enhanced membership program to obtain a personal recommendation or nomination from any chapter advisors.
  2. Provisional Member. In addition to meeting eligibility requirements as stated in Article IV, Section 1B, of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws,* a student must have earned a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.75 on all course work completed in high school. A student must be currently enrolled in associate degree course work at the two year college, adhere to school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Provisional members are not required to pay the international and regional induction fee until they have qualified for full membership, but chapter dues will be assessed.
  3. Alumni Member. An individual must meet eligibility requirements as stated in Article IV, Section 1C of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws.*
  4. Honorary Member. An individual must meet eligibility requirements as stated in Article IV, Section 1D of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws.*

Section 2 There is a one-time membership fee of one hundred and twenty dollars, which must be turned in along with the membership application no later than the Friday before the last week of the semester.

Section 3 Students who joined Phi Theta Kappa at another community college may transfer their membership. To do so, the student must contact the Psi Eta Chapter advisor and provide information about his or her membership. The Psi Eta advisor will then contact the advisor at the student’s previous chapter to verify the student’s good standing as a member of Phi Theta Kappa. The advisor will then submit a change of membership request to Phi Theta Kappa headquarters. Transfer students who are not members of another chapter must earn 12 credits on their Eastfield transcript to join Psi Eta.



Section 1 This chapter will have both elected and appointed offices.

  1. Elected officers are installed during the spring induction and are expected to serve in that capacity for one calendar year.
  2. Elected offices must be members of Phi Theta Kappa in good standing, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, attend at least 10 meetings per semester, become a Five-Star Member in Five-Star Competitive Edge within six months if installment, and must be a full-time student as defined by Eastfield College.
  3. Appointed offices must be members of Phi Theta Kappa in good standing, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, attend at least 6 meetings per semester, become a Five-Star Member in Five-Star Competitive Edge within six months if installment, and must carry at least 6 academic hours of coursework at Eastfield College.

Section 2 The elected officers of Psi Eta shall be: President, Vice President. Other offices may be appointed by the leadership team and will include an interview by the president, vice president and at least one advisor. Positions to be considered are the following: Vice President of Scholarship, Vice President of Leadership, Vice President of Service, Vice President of Fellowship, Vice President of Membership, Secretary, Historian, Student Life Representative, and Treasurer

  1. Each officer will sign a contract, which will hold them accountable to their office. Advisors will ask an officer to step down if the contract is violated.

Section 3 The officer team is responsible for providing the chapter with direction and representation and will:

  1. Determine chapter goals
  2. Complete Five Star Development Program
  3. Participate in the Hallmark Awards Program
  4. Complete the Honors In Action Project
  5. Create a chapter calendar
  6. Meet monthly with the college president to discuss chapter goals
  7. Be prepared for and attend all meetings and events, including chapter, district, and regional levels
  8. Gain support by building faculty, administration, and alumni relationships


All positions are listed, but may not necessarily be filled. In an instance where a position is not filled, the president and vice president will delegate the duties of that office.

Section 1 The President is responsible for providing the officer team with the resources to carry out their duties including the following:

  1. Oversee the Five Star Development Program
  2. Keep Headquarters updated
  3. Set up a timeline and task list to ensure the chapter reaches Five Star goals
  4. Meet with advisors weekly to keep them informed of chapter activities
  5. Hold officer team accountable for all deadlines
  6. Lead the college project
  7. Preside over business meetings
  8. Create agendas and maintain order
  9. Oversee the Hallmarks Award Program:
  10. Set up a timeline and task list to ensure chapter reaches Hallmark goals
  11. Be sure projects meet our goals and include Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Fellowship components.
  12. Make sure the officer team has a clear understanding of the program and the necessary resources to plan appropriate projects.
  13. Coordinate the chapter award entries

Section 2 The duties of the Vice President I shall be:

* Vice President – Scholarship

Responsible for coordinating Scholarship Projects:

  • • Implement Honors Study Topic research into the one Honors In Action Projects
  • • Implement Scholarship Projects focused on mentoring, tutoring, and recognition
  • • Inform members of scholarship opportunities:
  • • Hold a scholarship meeting
  • • Participate in the Scholarship Fair

* Vice President – Leadership

Responsible for coordinating Leadership Projects:

  • • Identify the leadership roles and actions required to carry out the Honor In Action Projects
  • • Implement projects for leadership development
  • • Promote chapter recognition

* Vice President – Service

Responsible for coordinating Service projects:

  • • Implement Service Projects into the Honor In Action Projects
  • • Implement service projects focused on the chapter, club, and/or community

* Vice President – Fellowship

Responsible for providing Fellowship opportunities:

  • • Collaborate with officer team to incorporate fellowship into events
  • • Develop fellowship opportunities outside of projects and events
  • • Assist with set-up and clean-up at chapter, district, and other events
  • • Provide refreshments, door prizes, decorations, facilities, etc. for events
  • • Create a yearbook of chapter accomplishments in conjunction with the Historian

* Vice President - Membership

Responsible for recruitment and retention:

  • • Oversee Recruitment Month, Orientations, and Inductions
  • • Oversee the Enhanced Membership Program
  • • Maintain member database
  • • Implement strategies and projects to increase membership acceptance and participation
  • • Address member questions and concerns

* Secretary

Responsible for building support between the chapter and the organization, campus and community

  • • Keeping time during meetings
  • • Keep member sign in sheets to track attendance
  • • Assist Treasurer with General fundraising opportunities
  • • Keep members aware of chapter activities
  • • Publicize events in conjunction with Historian
  • • Submit chapter news to Eastfield College and Phi Theta Kappa publications

* Treasurer

Responsible for raising money and managing the chapter account:

  • • Create an itemized budget for each project/event:
  • • Implement fundraising projects:

o Signature Fundraisers:(e.g., Dance and Wacky Field Day)

o Convention Marketplaces:(i.e., Texas Regional Convention and International Convention)

o General Fundraising Opportunities: (e.g., Student Life fundraisers and Induction)

o Seek and maintain outside funding: (e.g., donations and sponsors)

  • • Handle all financial documents: ( e.g., Student Life forms and deposit receipts
  • • Meet weekly with the Student Life Liaison to discuss financial affairs
  • • Present chapter budget reports at meetings
  • • Keep a binder of all records and reports

* Historian

Responsible for chapter documents and chronicling activities for historical purposes:

  • • Maintain and update the calendar, continuity binder, web site, and scrapbook
  • • Keep up with model release forms for all photos taken of students
  • • Keep members aware of chapter activities
  • • Create a yearbook of chapter accomplishments in conjunction with the Vice President of Fellowship
  • • Publicize events in conjunction with Secretary
* Student Life Representative

Responsible for making sure Phi Theta Kappa is well represented at the Student Life Office

  • • Find volunteers for Student Life Events
  • • Help publicize Student Life Events
  • • Oversee Student Life Paperwork: responsible for making sure the correct paperwork is turned in by the correct officer.
  • • Meet with the Student Life Liaison at least twice a month to ensure that the chapter is in good standing and is contributing when and where we can.


Section 1: The officer team will sign an agreement created by the Chapter Advisor which will hold all officers accountable for his/her role in the chapter. The Chapter Advisor will ask an officer to step down for any of the following reasons:

  1. Absent from three chapter meetings and/or two officer meetings
  2. Fails to participate in the Honors in Action Project, and/or the College Project, and/or the Competitive Edge Program.
  3. Fails to participate in at least one campus event per month
  4. Fails to attend 2 district and/or 2 regional events
  5. Is consistently late in attendance
  6. Fails to complete duties or tasks by a given deadline more than once.
  7. Fails to fulfill two commitments to the chapter
  8. Failing to stay in contact with the officer team over 10 consecutive days.
  9. Fails to report to the Lead Advisor on a weekly basis.


Section 1: Elections are to be held the first week of April each academic year.

Section 2: Candidates who are running for president and vice president and have completed the officer training must give a two – five minute presentation on why the he or she should be elected to the position at a general meeting. After the candidate presentations, eligible members will be asked to vote. Simple majority vote shall elect any officer.

Section 3: Resignation:The resignation of any officer must be in writing and signed by the club advisors and at least one other officer. All Phi Theta Kappa materials that were not purchased by the resigning officer must be returned.

Section 4: Impeachment:An officer or member may be considered for removal from the chapter for just cause. All Phi Theta Kappa materials that were not purchased by the resigning officer must be returned.

  1. In order to impeach an officer, the issue must be discussed with the Chapter Advisor(s) at least 5 working days prior to any action taken.
  2. Anyone considered for impeachment has the right to appear before the organization at a special or regularly scheduled club meeting and defend their position.
  3. The chapter advisor(s) and remaining club officers may decide to offer a “probationary period” to allow the club officer to modify his/her behavior.
  4. To remove someone from office, there must be a 50 percent plus one vote of all remaining officers.
  5. In extreme circumstances, the Chapter Advisor(s) has/have the right to remove an officer from office and/or revoke the rights and privileges from any member without taking a vote of the membership.

Section 5: Deemed Vacant Due to Absences:An office shall be deemed vacant if the officer filling the position is absent and out of contact for the duration of 10 consecutive business days during the fall and spring semesters.

Section 6: Vacancies will be filled based on the needs of the officer team, and there must be a 50 percent plus one majority vote of the officers.


Section 1: In addition to carrying out the duties as stated in the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws,* Chapter IV, Section 5, the chapter advisor(s) shall be responsible for overseeing the completion and submission of member names and fees as well as the Chapter Annual Report to Headquarters in a timely manner.

Section 2: Each club must have at least one advisor who is a full-time employee. This can be an administrator, faculty or support staff employee. Part-time employees may serve as a co-advisor.

Section 3: Faculty and staff can be recommended or volunteer to be an Advisor, but before they can officially step in, they must be interviewed by the current advisors. If there is a majority vote to accept the person as an advisor, they will then be asked to serve.

Section 4: Additional society expectations for advisors are listed below:

  1. Headquarters and Membership Paperwork
  2. Travel Paperwork
  3. Financial Paperwork and Budget Oversight
  4. Attend Events and Meetings
  5. Guidance for College Project
  6. Guidance for HIA
  7. Guidance for Competitive Edge
  8. Guidance for Hallmark Awards
  9. Letters of Recommendation
  10. Marketing and Event Planning


Section 1: All business meetings will follow the general agenda:

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of the minutes
  3. Officer reports
  4. Old business
  5. New business
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

Section 2: All meetings shall be governed by an adaption of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 3: Guidelines for meetings:

  1. Officer and Chapter meetings shall be held no less than twice a month during the regular semester at a time and date most convenient for the majority of the officers, and as needed during the summer.
  2. Meeting agendas shall be determined by chapter president and approved by an advisor.
  3. Meeting minutes shall be documented from each meeting held. Copies should be routed to the officer team, the Club Advisors, general members, and posted on the website within three working days.
  4. The president reserves the right to call additional meetings as deemed necessary for the enhancement of the club/organization, but must give a 24 hour notice before calling a meeting.
  5. Meetings shall be conducted by the President or Vice President and facilitated by an advisor.

CHAPTER 9. Amendments and Revision

The chapter bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of respondents, provided that the proposed amendment changes are announced one week prior to the vote. Any changes to the bylaws must be sent to Headquarters for final approval.