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Service Learning Overview

What is Service Learning

Service Learnina

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful, direct community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Because service learning incorporates academic learning and reflection components, it goes beyond the scope of field experience or volunteering.  Students’ service experience is evaluated based on learning outcomes. Students are required to analyze and evaluate their learning experiences with an emphasis on civic responsibility and citizenship.

Aspects of Service Learning:

  • Partnership – The service and learning must be worthwhile and valuable for both the student and the community.
  • Learning – The community service activity must support the students’ classroom learning.
  • Reflection – Intentional, structured reflection of the experience must take place to accomplish meaningful learning in community service experiences.
  • Meaningful engagement – Service tasks need to be worthwhile and challenging to strengthen students’ critical thinking.


  1. Provide relevant learning experiences
  2. Encourage community service and civic responsibility
  3. Support excellence in teaching
  4. Foster community partnerships
  5. Provide meaningful benefit to the community

Statement of Purpose

The Eastfield College Service Learning Program gives students practical learning experiences through community service and civic engagement endeavors.