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President's Message to Service Learning

President Jean ConwayWelcome to Eastfield College and the Service Learning program. We at Eastfield believe that an important aspect of learning is understanding ourselves and others through a program of service to others. By learning about and participating in the numerous opportunities to serve others, students learn to appreciate their own skills, understand others through serving their needs, and become more engaged students by experiencing a bond with their fellow service learning students. 

Students who participate in service learning activities not only learn more about themselves and others, but they also become more successful students. Statistics show that service learning students actually achieve a higher grade point average than those who do not participate. Some of the reasons for this higher academic achievement are the time management and collaborative skills the service learning students gain. They also acquire an appreciation for their own learning opportunities and become more dedicated to the learning process.

With so many advantages to both the server and the recipient of the services, Eastfield is eager to include more students and service partners in its Service Learning program. We hope you will explore joining the Service Learning program as a student or as a service partner.


Dr.Jean Conway

Jean Conway