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Student Government Committees

All currently enrolled Eastfield College students are members of the Student Government Association. As such, you may attend meetings, serve on committees, and vote in general elections held each Fall and Spring.

If you would like to serve on one or more of these committees, please contact the SGA Vice President. All SGA elected members have mailboxes in the Office of Student Life, Room C-141. Should you have any issues you would like to share with SGA, please do so by contacting members via their mail boxes and your concern will be referred to the appropriate committee.

Standing Committees

Constitution Committee is responsible for reviewing the SGA Bylaws and making recommendations for amendments when necessary.

Elections Committee is responsible for overseeing the Fall and Spring elections.

Jurisprudence Committee is responsible for interpreting the SGA Bylaws and ensuring proper process is being followed.

Club Funding Committee is responsible for awarding Student Life funding to officially recognized student clubs and organizations according to the guidelines in the Club Handbook.

Special Committees

Campus Activities Board: Charged to plan social, educational and cultural events for Eastfield College students that complement the academic mission of the college.

Beautification Committee:  Charged to recommend suggestions for making our campus look more attractive and kept clean.

Local Issues: Charged to investigate issues relating to local ordinances and DCCCD policies that affect Eastfield College students.

Health and Safety Committee: Charged to review issues and policies that affect the health and safety of Eastfield College students. Members of this committee are responsible for serving on the Campus Police Appeals Committee.

Instructional Committee: This is a campus committee requiring student representation on issues involving instructional and academic policies.

Strategic Planning Committee: This is a campus committee requiring student representation on issues involving insight, preparation and planning for national, state, and local policy and procedure changes that affect the day to day operations of the college.

Marketing Committee: Charged to promote the purpose and activities of SGA.

Fundraising Committee: Charged to raise funds to offset expenses for general operations of SGA such as materials, supplies, and travel expenses.

Social Committee: Charged to plan appropriate team building activities and community service opportunities for SGA members.

Pleasant Grove Committee: Charged to maintain communication between the Main Campus and the Pleasant Grove location.

Set Up/Clean Up Committee: Charged to oversee the preparation and organization for general meetings.