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Student Government FAQs

What is the Student Government Association?

The Student Government Association represents the interests and needs of the students while facilitating an on-going dialog with school administration on behalf of the student body.

Who are the members of the Student Government Association?
Currently enrolled students who meet the GPA criteria are eligible to run for positions on the Executive Board, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Elections for Executive Board positions are held every Spring (for the upcoming year). Elections for the Senate, House and any unfilled Executive Board positions are held at the beginning of the Fall semester.    

How many positions are available on the Student Government?
The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Public Relations Officer.  These elected officials serve as the governing body of the SGA.

The number of seats available in the Senate and House is relative to the number of candidates. Senators serve as committee chairs.

The House of Representatives members are considered “members at large” and serve on committees.  Student organizations are also allowed to elect a member of their organization to serve in the House.

How long is a term on the Student Government?
Elected officers and members serve a one (1) year term.  For the Executive Board, that term begins after the Spring semester and continues to the end of the next Spring semester.  For Senators and Representatives, the term begins in the Fall and continues through Spring. Generally a term runs from fall semester through the spring semester.

What are the duties of a member of the Student Government?
In order to represent the student body as efficiently as possible, SGA members attend regular monthly meetings, serving on committees, act as representatives for Eastfield, serve as advocates on issues voiced by the student body, and various other tasks that may occur during a term in office.  Orientation and training sessions are conducted throughout the year to grow the leadership skills necessary for those willing to serve.

What are the benefits of serving on the Student Government?
Students who serve in SGA learn leadership skills, communication skills, time management and other professional transferrable skills that can help them become successful in their future educational and professional careers. 

How do I apply to become a member of the Student Government Association?

Download an application and submit it before the stated deadline.

How can I have my voice heard even if I choose to not join the Student Government?
All Eastfield students are encouraged to attend SGA meetings, listen to business being conducted, and offer input. Only elected members may vote. In addition, SGA has provided “suggestion boxes” located throughout the campus for students to voice their opinions.  Suggestions may remain anonymous, however, if you indicate contact information, one of the officers or members will contact you for clarification or to offer a personal response.  Note:  The subject matter of your suggestion may be made public, however, your name and contact information remains confidential.